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Together, anything is possible!

VWM Family Forum

We have set up a private Facebook page to bring together families who are dealing with Vanishing White Matter.  Please contact us at to request more information.


You are welcome to use the VWM Foundation for your fundraising efforts. Our tax exempt status can be very helpful. All of the funds raised by you through the Foundation will go directly to the VWM specific research of your choice.  To learn more, please contact us at

VWM Links

Please take time to check out the following links to other VWM sites. There are quite a few that are working hard to fight VWM and support those families struggling with the disease:

Annabelle, Salt Lake City, UT

Bella, Chorley, England

Alejandro,   Spain

Jada Ann,  South Africa

Tadan, Belton MO 

Passed, age 6

Olliver,   England

Passed, 2018

Gabrielle, Salt Lake City, UT

Angelica, Rice, TX

Laillah-May,  England

Isabella,  Romeoville, IL

Melissa,  Massachusetts

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