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Welcome to the Vanishing White Matter Foundation and, which was organized in 2011 to support VWM Leukodystrophy research and bring together families dealing with the tremendous challenges of Vanishing White Matter.

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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the VWM Foundation is to offer a resource for the families and friends of those who are suffering from the impacts of this rare neurological disease.  Our mission is two-fold:

Research Funding

The soul focus of our fundraising is to support Vanishing White Matter specific research.  Because this is a rare disease, research funding is difficult to obtain. We must do all that we can to help support the small number of VWM research projects. Thanks to generous donations of time and money for administrative costs, 100% of your donation will support VWM research




Support Group
In order to help bring together families with Vanishing White Matter, we have set up a private Facebook page where we can share information and support 
each other. This is critical when facing the challenges of a rare disease like VWM. So far we have brought together over 100 families from around the world.

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